Cheeks Augmentation




Hih cheekbones not only provide you with aesthetic beauty, but they also support the tissues of your face that naturally descend with the aging process. If you have flatter or thinner tissues in your mid-face, have lost your “apple cheeks” due to weight loss, or have simply lost the fullness your cheeks once had, cheek implants will enhance your appearance.

A cheek augmentation, which adds volume to the cheek areas or middle of the face below the eyes, creates a youthful, beautiful appearance. Defined cheekbones usually make the face look slimmer and accentuates a patient’s facial features.

Cheek implants can replace the loss of volume that occurs with age for a dramatic rejuvenation of the overall face.In youth, the shape of our face resembles an inverted triangle, in which full cheeks and a rounded chin are the structural foundations of this contour. For females even in adulthood, this shape is generally deemed as attractive. However, the triangular or heart-like shape face undergoes a number of changes with age. The loss of volume in the cheeks reduces the desirable roundness and fullness present in youth, traits that have also been associated with femininity.

Coupled with sagging skin along the jawline, a more rectangular shape results. Women find that their face becomes less feminine and thus less attractive in their advancing years.

Cheek Augmentation With Fat Transfer

The cheeks play a surprisingly important role in determining the aesthetics and symmetry of each person’s face, as well as the width of our smiles, and even the shape of our eyes. Because of this, subtle alterations to the shape of the cheeks through cheek augmentation surgery can significantly enhance the appearance of our entire face!

Cheek augmentation is typically performed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To define and contour the face
  • To correct pre-existing facial asymmetries, thereby creating a more balanced profile
  • To rejuvenate the face by serving as a countermeasure to the visible signs of facial aging, which tend pull the cheeks downward, and often produce the appearance of hollowed, tired eyes and prominent lines and creases around the mouth


Can I Have A Facelift At The Same Time As My Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery?

Most surgeons recommend waiting at least six (6) months after your surgical procedure before pursuing a facelift or any other facial rejuvenation procedure. This is because feminine facial features are generally more petite than male features, so the facial gender confirmation surgery may leave some individuals with excess laxity of the skin. Depending on your age and skin condition, this excess laxity may resolve on its own, or it may need a facelift in order to remove it.