When endeavoring down the path to a more feminine face, we have to consider the common differences between the male and female appearance and then evaluate each patient for these distinct characteristics. The hairline is undoubtedly an area where the difference between the sexes is quite noticeable.  Genetically born males typically have higher hairlines than do genetically born females.  In addition, it is common for the male hairline to recede, especially in the areas just above the temples.

In order to reduce the negative influence that these typically masculine features have on your goal of a feminine appearance, Dr. Cardenas often recommends a surgical procedure to advance the scalp and reshape the hairline.  

Typical Female Hairline

  • Typical Male Hairline

It is also possible that Hair Transplant Surgery could be appropriate for our patients with substantial male pattern baldness.  This procedure is sometimes recommended by itself or in conjunction with the hairline advancement procedure.