Any discussion about feminization of the hairline would be incomplete without mentioning hair transplant surgery.  Sure, hairline advancement can help many patients.  But, those with significant areas of hair loss might be faced with limitations.

Hair loss is often concentrated near the temples.  If the hairline is advanced uniformly, then the same areas of recession are still present – albeit lower than before.  For best results, hair transplant surgery can be done either before or after hairline advancement in order to fill in these problematic areas.  As an alternative, some patients might opt to have the hairline advanced primarily near the temples in order to reduce the look of the receding hairline.  However, this means that the hairline won’t be advanced as much in other areas.  It’s for this reason that hairline advancement combined with hair transplant surgery can often be the best solution.

Finally, hair transplant surgery can sometimes represent the only real option for patients with very significant balding.  For those with hairlines that are far back from the front, advancing the hairline could be little or no use.  But, more than one surgery could be required in order to transplant enough hairs to fill in these large areas.

Up to 2,000 follicular units can be transplanted in a single surgery.  Since each unit has somewhere between 1 and 4 individual hairs, the total number of hairs transplanted is much higher.  If you would like to know if you are a good candidate for this procedure, please send us some photos of your hairline by clicking here.

For a limited-time only, our all-inclusive hair transplant surgery package is only $4,760! This includes up to 2,000 follicular units, all hospital and surgeon’s fees, prescription medications, and five nights of accommodations with meals at our recovery residence.  This offer is valid for hair transplant surgeries reserved between October 10th, 2017 and November 10th, 2017.  To be eligible for this offer, your surgery must be performed before January 31st, 2018. New reservations only. All prices are in U.S. Dollars and all patients are subject to photo evaluation and medical clearance prior to acceptance.